"It takes two to make a great career: the man who is great, and the man-almost rarer-who is great anough to see greatness and say so"

Who We Are

HakkimizdaSmall is beautiful! 34solo is a creative cluster bringing individual work cells and micro initiatives who choose to work solo in the corporate world, to create and produce collectively as well as individually. Free from corporate ladders and boundaries, bringing innovative products and services, breakthrough solutions, state of the art organizations and landmark projects into light is much faster and cost effective. 

Power of 34! Yes, we treasure, own, love and cherish Istanbul, one of the the most attracting, inspiring and rewarding cities for creativity, as our nurturing Gaia, glueing us and our work together.

Create or die!. We are a part of the creative industries and work for them. Design, architecture, visual arts, performing arts, film, radio, TV, advertising, press, cultural heritage, video/digital, music and tourism carve out our framework.

Do not support, invest in art and culture! We foresee that cultural and creative industries and works of art promise top business success stories of our next decade. Enabling cultural and creative industries to reach financial resources and funds is one of our top priorities. 

Ask for more! We provide professional services for creatives and creative industries for having winner projects. Project development, business plan development, networking and relationship building, financial modeling and fund raising, sponsor relations, partnerships and management are some to name a few.

To Be Talent or Not To Be! Finding, training, coaching, developing, promoting and managing talent is our key process. We share and lead individual, career and professional development of creatives, artists, artisans, and anyone who wants to work and live a creative life. 

Create, Innovate, Generate! New golden triangle of corporate success lies between the lands of business, science and art. One of our missions is encouraging business learn from science and science learn from art and art learn from business and so on and so forth, to make the world a more creative place.